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H Frame Hydraulic Press

H Frame Hydraulic Press

We offer a premium quality assortment of H Frame Hydraulic Press which is made from premium quality materials and latest techniques. Largely used in different industries, these are engineered with utmost precision and care to ensure highest quality standards. Our assortment of H Frame Hydraulic Presses is highly sought after by clients for features such as application specific design, corrosion resistance, optimum performance and longer functional life.

Micro Manufacturer H frame Hydraulic Presses in standard series upto 2000 tons . These H frame Hydraulic presses are used in various applications such as

  • Metal Forming Industries
  • Straightening  Machines
  • Plywood industries
  • Rubber Machinery
  • Deep draw  presses
  • And  many more

Standard Features

Hydro-Guard PlusĀ® Press Control System

Control reliable electronic, redundant hydraulic valves, OSHA and ANSI compliant.

 LCD Operator Interface

Programmable features, diagnostic display to simplify troubleshooting.

 Stroke & Batch Counters

Monitor part run status.

Removable Bottom Bolster

Flexibility to mount multiple tools.

 Programmable Energy Saver

Automatic shutdown after expired press idle time, saves energy.

INCH/OPERATE Selector Switch

Enhances job setups and press/tool maintenance.

2-Speed Advance

Fast, controlled cycles.

Pressure Reversal

Ram reversal upon reaching preset tonnage.

Hydraulic Decompression Control

Minimizes hydraulic shock and damage to critical components.

Dual Palm Button Anti-Tie Down Controls

OSHA and ANSI compliant.

Main Power Disconnect

OSHA and ANSI compliant.

NEMA Enclosures

NFPA 79 compliant.

TEFC Motor

Low noise and energy efficient.

Magnetic Motor Starter

NFPA 79 compliant.

Emergency Return Button (INCH UP)

OSHA and ANSI compliant.

Emergency Stop Button

OSHA and ANSI compliant.

Guard Terminals

Integrate OSHA and ANSI required press guarding.

Additional E-Stop Terminal

Provides E-Stop from remote location.

Water-to-Oil Heat Exchanger

Protects critical hydraulic components.

Optional Equipment

Heavy-duty benches

Automatic Lube System

Bench casters

Slide Lock

Special PLC's

Vision System Integration

Timers & counters

Flexibility to mount multiple tools.

Automatic press cycles

Robot Integration

Feed integration packages

Quick Die Change System

Digital pressure readout

Operator interfaces

Ram position control systems

PMA (Preventative Maintenance Assistant)

PQA (Part Quality Assurance)

Extended warranties

Heat exchanger upgrades

Indexing units

Hydraulic power unit upgrades

Frame modifications

Speed control


Die Protection Sensor Inputs

Protects critical hydraulic components

C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press

We are one of the renowned business organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying our clients an extensive range of C Frame Hydraulic Press. These are used in different industry segments for applications such as Punching, Piercing, Embossing and Straightening.We proffer these machines in capacity of 200 tons with standard dimensions. Our C Frame Hydraulic Press can also be customized and offered at affordable costs.

Unique Features:
  • High flexibility due to short retooling time
  • Low maintenance = high uptime
  • Maintenance-free bearing surfaces ensure long service life
  • Fast and precise RAM guides, Teflon-coated with bilateral, no-play adjustment
  • No danger of side loading cylinder piston rod - no leaks = longer service life
  • Low noise level (< 72 dBA)
  • Integrated RAM positioning sensors
  • Can be mounted in any position Dove tail head to column clamping design (Model 68)